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Yes, 50, me.
Corvus albus

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Mazal Tov!!!!! Ad 120!

Many happy returns of the day! How did you celebrate (apart from getting that cake which I'm properly drooling over...)?

Gotten used to the big 5 yet?
It's creeping up on the (still distant) horizon for me, too. But I'm actually more relaxed with it than I used to be with my 40th birthday.
Accepting to be "middle-age" was the big step and it took a while but now I'm ok with it.

Congrats. Welcome to the club.
(your libr.)

Took me a while but I got it...Thanks.

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(Deleted comment)
Did not listen to it yet - but I certainly will. I am a real devotee of Herr Robert Zimmerman.

(Deleted comment)
And a late thank you to you!

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