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Genealogical note
Corvus albus
I found out that I have direct family relation (from my mother's side) to Mikhail Tal, the mythological world chess champion. My mother, two years old than him - had he been still alive - still remembers him and his mother. Sadly, my ability to sit in front of Bobby Fischer is limited to the computer screen, namely I can play chess and sometimes not lose to my son, but that's it. Misha Tal looks totally crazy, funny and fun, unrestrained, wonderfully mad - in summation, really cool.
(I adore the first photo, where he plays chess with his first wife: it looks like a scene taken fro À bout de souffle.The last photo is also great: Misha Tal and Tigran Pertrosian playing ping-pong).

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Don't know anything about chess but he looks fun indeed, and I like the photos as well, esp the first one.

These were not bad times, if you were part of the priviliged people of the Communist Party. Looks like he had good life. And they were smoking without any guilt...

The first one definitely seems reminiscent of la nouvelle vague. Love the ping-pong!

Edited at 2012-12-25 03:10 am (UTC)

Yes, ping-pong... Also Jascha Heifetz the violonist loved to play ping-pong. It had the image of being an intellectual game.

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